Water PACT for COP21 in Paris

Whereas water was absent from the New York Summit in September 2014, the Presidency of COP21 on climate was especially requested to make initiatives in this area emerging at COP21.

As part of the Lima-Paris Action Plan, Peru, supported by France, is preparing a day on the theme of resilience, with half a day on “Water and Adaptation to Climate Change” to be held on 2nd December at Le Bourget in the “Blue Zone” (to be accessed with a CCNUCC accreditation). Everywhere, this idea strongly mobilizes stakeholders, governments, donors, and the civil society.

The programme will include a half-day for action on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change, which will deal with:

a scientific analysis of the situation highlighting the urgency to address water and climate issues and major challenges and affected areas;

a time for commitment on the four components of the half-day with a high-level representation (basin agencies, mayors of large cities, donors, NGOs / youth);

a political endorsement of the commitments.

In this context, INBO was asked to prepare “a Paris Pact on water and adaptation to climate change in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers” to mobilize stakeholders eager to commit themselves at COP21.

You can view the pact here: http://www.riob.org/IMG/pdf/COP21_-_Paris_Pact_ENG_-_INBO_V16-3.pdf

Today 158 organizations from all the continents have already signed the “Pact”!

Source: www.inbo-news.org



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● COP21 – Day on “Water and adaptation to climate change”
Paris – Le Bourget – 2 December 2015

● INBO World General Assembly
Merida (Yucatan) – Mexico – From 1st to 3rd June 2016


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