IWCAN and the Draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy

In May 2016, IWCAN-ACT participated in a community consultation workshop on the Draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy. This workshop formed part of a series of community consultations, and is linked to the ACT Water Strategy 2014-2024, in which IWCAN ACT had some input through lodging a submission at the time.

The Draft ACT and region catchment Strategy workshop was well attended by a diverse audience including local catchment and community action groups, ACT government representatives, private sector water professionals, representatives from NSW catchments and a few people from the federal government.  It was organised by the ACT branch of AWA and was a two-hour lunchtime event.

The workshop kicked off with a summary of the Strategy which revolves around five themes: communities, development planning, governance, land and biodiversity, and water.  This was followed up with table discussions on each of the following topics:

  • Strategy & structure
  • Governance
  • Policy and planning
  • Targets and measuring success, and
  • Prospectus, priorities, risks and opportunities.

Emerging thoughts on each topic were captured by one of four table convenors, and will be used to write up the outcomes of the workshop. Two hours was a very short time to achieve all of this, and the process felt a bit rushed. In addition, the context of previous consultations was not made clear, so the audience had no clear sense of how widely the draft was circulated elsewhere already.  Nevertheless, it was a good opportunity for participants to provide feedback. Given that that Strategy is developed for the region which includes surrounding catchment areas in NSW, coordination and integration of governance aspects across state jurisdictions was an important issue, highlighted during the table discussions.

The draft strategy can be found here:

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