IWCAN Personas

Introducing IWCAN’s Personas

In May 2017, IWCAN Board Members began their second round of strategic planning, using a design thinking approach. Design thinking allowed for IWCAN to better think about the services and benefits that it can provide its members and the broader IWM community from a human-based perspective. Part of our planning process involved identifying specific personas that represent factions of our membership. Below, you will meet our eight personas.

As a IWC student of alumni, you may find that you identify with one or even a few of these personas. The idea behind the personas allows us to think about how our future initiatives could be received by those we are set up to serve. By applying the lens of the persona, we can understand how our ideas could be taken up or received by the wider membership. The approach allows us to explore how individuals may interact with IWCAN, what they might expect or wish to see from IWCAN, and how much or willing they may be to become involved with IWCAN.


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