IWCAN Activities

IWCAN is a nonforprofit organisation that undertakes activities to promote and further the implementation of Integrated Water Management globally.

Since 2012, in partnership with the International RiverFoundation, IWCAN Administers the Emerging River Professional Award, which is awarded each year to a water professional that shows leadership and project success, as an individual or as a part of a team. Find out more about the Emerging River Professional Award here, or like us on facebook.

As a partner of the Australian Water Partnership, and as a collaborative effort, IWCAN leads the strategic direction and development of an initiative to connect practitioners and share knowledge across the Indo-Pacific to support improved water management practices to address water scarcity challenges. The Kini Initiative was launched in February 2017, and through a content-driven approach, connects water practitioners and organisations to work collaboratively to address water scarcity. Blog posts, audio interviews in the form of a podcast, and discussions across all relevant social media channels are accessible to interested individuals and organisations who wish to engage in the discussion and share knowledge.  More information on IWCAN’s role and some project background is available here.

IWCAN also conducts regular strategic planning sessions, networking events, and monthly board meetings. 2018 promises to be an incredible year for IWC Alumni, as we anticipate that we will be revealing some new and exciting plans in the first half of the year.

We always welcome IWM practitioners and IWC Students and Alumni the opportunity to be a part of our board and our working committees. If you would like more information, please contact IWCAN’s Executive Director for more details and to schedule a meeting.