Irrawaddy Dolphins

Irrawaddy Dolphins


Let us set free

The dolphins of the sea

The rivers, arteries of life

Rip open cages, dams, locks and weirs

And efface all evidence of our constricted thinking

Our boxes built from functional fear and logic

Cemented with our desire for security and comfort


Let us live in a more gentle way

Observing day by day

Reconnecting with the world around

And helping those who are in need


Let us wander new paths of perception

And talk new languages the world can understand

Let’s not claim wisdom, truth, belief, right or wrong

But open our eyes and wonder


And reach out to make a difference

Enrich our short stay on this marvellous planet

Returning dignity to life around us

Allow our spirit to restore us from within.


Bangkok, September 2015

Author: Frederick Bouckaert

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