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In order to promote the inspiring work the IWC Alumni (you!) are doing across the world, the IWCAN Stimuli Series Working Group (Andres Rojo Maurer, Frederick Bouckaert, Emma Newland, Sinead Lehane and Brian McIntosh) have worked hard approaching several online media platforms that can showcase your and our work to a global audience.

The aims are to: 
 (i) raise the profile of integrated water management using your voices and your direct experiences;
 (ii) to provide a mechanism for raising awareness of challenges which require the integration, and how they are being tackled, and;
 (iii) to raise the profile of IWCAN as a community of IWM professionals and practitioners.

We are now proud to share very exciting news! The Circle of Blue ( through their Managing Editor, Carl Ganter (who is also the Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Committee on Water Security) is interested in publishing articles by the IWC Alumni. The team at IRC who manage Sanitation Updates ( have also agreed to host articles written by members of IWCAN.

We are now looking for content from you, to submit to these platforms. For instructions read below …

Circle of Blue

We have the opportunity to publish great quality articles in a special section highlighted on their front page and labelled as collaboration with IWCAN/IWC. What we require now is your submission.

If you are interested please send the following to Andres Rojo Maurer:

  Proposed title of the article and abstract (just one or two paragraphs)

  Disclosure statement – organisation you work for; if data is available for the project (metadata

statement if so); potential conflicts of interest.
For your reference Circle of Blue has expressed special interest in:

  Stories from China, India, MENA, Egypt, Mongolia, Mekong, Nile (feel encouraged if you are working in one of these regions, but we are looking for stories from everywhere).

  Integration – stories which cut across sectors and scales, policy areas, communities and impacts.

 They are ultimately interested in seeing if we can develop an area of the Circle of Blue which would be co-branded as an initiative between CoB and IWCAN, and which would provide stories to complement the data aspects of their planned new initiative, Choke Point Index – Circle of Blue and Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies Announce Choke Point: Index

Circle of Blue have asked for 3 or 4 articles in the first instance to see if their readership is interested. We will select from the abstracts received and ask for the best 3 or 4 to write their article up in full. We have developed an internal IWCAN editing process which we will run through. It is designed to build the capacity of members to publish high quality news articles as well as ensuring we only submit top quality news pieces.

If your abstract is selected for the initial set to be submitted to the Circle of Blue, the IWCAN Stimuli Group will provide support in the form or guidelines for writing articles, including suggested length, writing styles, as well as feedback and editing before the articles are submitted.

Sanitation Updates

We have secured an agreement with Sanitation Updates, a blog site that promotes all things WASH, to post articles or stories from your various lines of work with WASH.

We are now looking for articles or stories from any region of the world; the only criteria is that the articles are related to WASH. This could be working with communities on improving sanitation facilities, research into various sanitation types, work on sanitation legislation, food hygiene and security or agricultural improvements from eco-san compost. Anything really that is related to WASH.

If you are interested in submitting an article please contact Emma Newland with a title and brief abstract of what your article will be about by 16/09/13. From there we will contact you with a deadline for the article and match you with an editor that you can liaise with. Sanitation Updates articles tend to be more informal and shorter than heavier journalism sites. However we suggest you have a look at the website to make sure you would like to have your work posted there under an IWCAN affiliation.

If you choose to submit an article or story, a team of editors also from amongst the IWCAN will support you, providing feedback on your article before it is submitted to Sanitation Updates.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards,

Brian McIntosh, Andres Rojo Maurer, Frederick Bouckaert, Emma Newland and Sinead Lehane

IWCAN Stimuli Series Working Group

P.S. if you are interested in helping the Stimuli Series effort by providing a couple of hours of your time to proof-read or edit some of the articles please contact Sinéad Lehane.

IWCAN Student and Alumni Project Videos

Turn your project at work, or your final 3rd semester project into an engaging video to showcase your expertise and how you have applied the principles of Integrated Water Management in a real-world context. Contact Tim Beckenham for more details or to get started.