Frequently Asked Questions

What does Alumni mean?

Alumni is the plural of the Latin word alumnus, and is used to indicate the graduates or former students of a particular school, college, or university. We also include current full-time and part-time students as a part of the Network, since we feel that the Network may be of assistance in providing ideas and networking opportunities for research projects and employment.

How is the IWC Alumni Network organised?

We are organised as a Community of Practice, and we are formally established as a guaranteed limited non-government organisation under Australian legislation.

What does Community of Practice mean?

For Community of Practice, in our case, we mean a group of IWM practitioners who share a common interest in IWM, and who come together to fulfil both individual and group goals in the field of IWM.

What kind of relationship is there between the Alumni Network and the IWC?

The International WaterCentre formally recognises and supports the IWC Alumni network, and provides one staff member to serve on the IWC Alumni Network’s Board of Directors.

What does the IWC Alumni Network offer?

The IWC Alumni Network helps former students maintain connections with the IWC and their fellow students, facilitate contacts between IWM researchers and practitioners, and facilitates its members’ continuous professional development and education in the field of IWM.

In this regard, the Network organises educational events (webinars, workshops, etc.), publishes a newsletter, organises social events, and develops projects in the field of IWM. Furthermore, through the Network and according to the level of the completed course, the alumni will be able to access IWC updated educational materials.

How is the IWC Alumni Network funded?

The Network is funded by the contributions of its members and through the funds of external donors, including grant-making institutions, and funding agencies.

How can I enjoy IWC Alumni Network membership?

To enjoy the full IWC Alumni Network membership and privileges you need to either be currently enrolled in, or have graduated with an IWC postgraduate education degree including:

In addition, researchers and practitioners in the field of IWM are invited to join as members, as many of the resources available through the network may be of value. However, those who have not completed IWC’s education programs are not entiled to curriculum updates as a benefit of membership.

How can I participate in the development of the IWC Alumni Network?

You can either express your vote to select, or nominate yourself as a candidate, for a position in the IWC Alumni Network Board of Directors. Moreover you can propose activities to be organised within the IWC Alumni Network that are consistent with its Mission and Objects.

How is the Board of Directors elected?

Members holding the right to vote elect the Board of Directors with a ballot held annually at the Annual General Meeting or in some cases during board meetings where IWCAN membership is present to vote.