Current Student and Recent Alumni Membership Benefits Application

As a current student or recent graduate (having graduated within one year), you are entitled to receive IWCAN membership benefits free of charge! We invite you to join, connect with our alumni, and use IWCAN as a resource for knowledge and networking as you complete your studies, plan your final project, or search for career opportunities.

You will need to do the following to join as a member:

STEP 1) Complete an account / profile (link is here)
STEP 2) Complete and submit the form on this page

After which IWCAN will process your application, and you will receive an e-mail once this is complete.

You will be awarded membership benefits, but you will technically not be a member unless you choose to pay the membership fees. Members are allowed to also run for board positions, and members are required to participate (in person or through a proxy) at IWCAN’s Annual General Meetings. Your membership benefits WILL, however, hold you to IWCAN’s terms and conditions, and by accessing these benefits, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Where are you from? This helps us to determine whether you may be eligible for Low Income Country membership fees once your membership benefits as a current student or new alumni expire.
Information on the educational streams available at