Board members

IWCAN board members are leaders in Integrated Water Management who are responsible for IWCAN’s organisational  governance and tasks associated with keeping the network heading in the direction of its vision.

Executive Officers

Michael Yule
President and Public Officer 
(2011 / MIWM PT)
Melbourne, VIC

Frederick Bouckaert
Vice President (2012 / MIWM PT)
Brisbane, QLD

Katherine Glanville
Secretary (2011 / MIWM FT)
Brisbane, QLD

Phearak Svay
Treasurer (2012 / MIWM PT)

Board Members

Karen Delfau
Executive Director (2011 / MIWM FT)
Gourdon, Le Lot, France

Suzanne King – (2015 / MIWM FT)
Austin, TX, USA

Peter Sharry – (2016 / MIWM PT)
Cairns, QLD

Brian McIntosh – IWC Liaison
Brisbane, QLD

Urmi Buragogain – WLP Alumni
Imphal, Manipur, India

Communications Officer

Julia Bauer
Brisbane, QLD


Board Member Role and Responsibilities

Board Directors are responsible for the governance of the International WaterCentre Alumni Network. This involves setting the organisational direction, ensuring organisational accountability, and coordination with the affiliated cohort of the International WaterCentre education program.

Principal responsibilities include:

  1. Attending monthly board meetings.
  2. Reading and responding to communication sent through the IWCAN board listserv, through the google site and by other board members.
  3. Coordinating, as required, with your cohort to undertake activities aligned with the IWCAN’s mission and objectives.
  4. Participating in governance responsibilities: voting on actions, strategic planning, assisting in the development of agreements, partnership development, constitution amendments, communications planning, etc.
  5. Contributing to (or soliciting contributions for) the IWCAN’s knowledge platforms, including the newsletter, webinars, online ( and working papers.
  6. Soliciting members and sponsors; identifying projects; and identifying additional funding sources to ensure financial sustainability of the IWCAN.
  7. Identifying professional development opportunities for members of the network (conferences to present at, journals looking for content, regional workshops to participate in, etc.)
  8. A commitment to approximately 6-12 hours a month of your time to support the activities of the IWCAN.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  1. Participation on sub-committees for specific IWCAN initiatives or activities.
  2. Developing strategic partnerships with other organizations, networks, or companies to support the IWCAN mission.
  3. Drafting, reviewing and commenting on IWCAN working papers.
  4. Coordinating integrated water management knowledge webinars.
  5. Fundraising to support IWCAN operations, programs or initiatives.
  6. Presenting on behalf of the IWCAN or the IWC to target audiences.
  7. Assisting with the organisation of the IWCAN Annual General Meeting.

Interested? Please contact us to schedule a time to speak more about being involved and to participate in our upcoming board meetings.


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