ACT Chapter Activities

The ACT Chapter of IWCAN is active in the professional water sector, in two different areas:

Local engagement in water planning activities:

Last year, the ACT Chapter made a submission in response to the ACT Draft Water Management Strategy, and also attended the formal launch of this strategy by AWA.

Networking with ACT water professionals, by organising presentations on various professional water projects and activities, open to water professionals.

The first in this series was a presentation by Russell Rollason, who leads the Water Resource Management Section team within the Development Policy Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He presented on Australian engagement in Water Resource Management in the Indo-Pacific. This was a successful event, attended by a small group of interested professionals, followed by a discussion on the many challenges faced in water development in the indo-pacific region.

The next seminar topic will be on coal seam gas and the water management of extracted groundwater. The sheer quantities of water extracted have the potential to significantly change surface flows and groundwater balances, and need to be assessed at the landscape scale to deal with cumulative impacts. Different terminology further confuses the issue. Penny Godwin will organise a presentation on this topic.



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  1. The seminar on Coal Seam Gas unfortunately had to be cancelled. Meanwhile, in June a seminar presentation was organised by the MIWM graduate Ms Meagan Walker on the topic of ‘The Value of Waterways is not Tangible’, at the offices of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. Maegan undertook a final year project into the way socio-economic indicators were derived for the Queensland River Health program, and concluded that the top down approach does not adhere to the principles of integrated water management. The event was an IWCAN ACT Chapter activity, which is open for all water professionals.

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