2015 Final Projects Webinar Series Schedule

Series Date Webinar Record Topic Speaker
1 1st Oct 2015 Final Project Webinar 1 How has urban metabolism been interpreted and communicated? Suzanne King
Situation Analysis: Faecal Sludge Management in Costa Rican Illegal Settlements Diana Madrigal
The evolution of monitoring: using IWRM to link science, monitoring and management to make Integrated Monitoring a reality Amira Pérez
2 5th Oct 2015 Final Project Webinar 2 Improving Accountability in Water and Sanitation Service Provision in the Context of WaterAid’s Work in Nepal Ben Cartwright
Production of Agricultural Biosolids Products by SEQ Water Keigo Tsushima
3 10th Oct 2015 Final Project Webinar 3 Analysis of Strategies for Emerging Leaders in Lao PDR to achieve Integrated Urban Wastewater Management Vanh Mixap
Applying the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Model in Pearl River Delta, China – A Business Case Approach Annie Chan
4 18th Oct 2015 Final Project Webinar 4 Using Indigenous Knowledge as a Tool for Water Management: Miskito People, Nicaragua Paola San Martin
Water Supply Vulnerability and Adaptation under Climate Scenarios: A Case Study in Central Chile Rodrigo Correa
5 24th Oct 2015 Final Project Webinar 5 Current Practices Of Animal Farming, Community Habits And Water Scarcity: A Different Approach For The Global Water Issues Veronica Gallardo
Tending the Gardens: Promoting Efficient Usage of Water Resources to Meet Irrigation Demand By Assessment of Water Management Practices in Brisbane City Community Gardens Sharon Karlesky

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